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 ・ enrich your life with color・enrich your life with color・enrich your life with color・enrich your life with color ・enrich your life with color ・enrich your life with color ・

Balogh Design

Interior Design - Color Design 

"The alternative to good design is always bad design, there is no such thing as no design."(ADAM JUDGE)

Besides the design we will coordinate and manage any contract work (incl. budget control) that is necessary to complete the project.

You have a house but not a home? You are surrounded with furniture and accessories but can't relate to them? You would like to change something, but just don't know what? We help you realize your dreams.

By being a color consultant for interiors and exteriors, we will provide the most appropriate color scheme, best suited materials and most fitting lighting, and help you choose the right quality as well.

We plan, purchase furniture and coordinate all work that is necessary to furnish your property.

Home Staging is the WOW effect for your real estate, because it's the first impression that counts - regardless of rental or sale.

We offer furnishing and decoration with own or with rental furniture, accessories and lamps, and in each case aligned to the target group.

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